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Internet Access Options

  • Via the telephone line (e.g. ADSL/Broadband)
    • Probably still the best connection, but also can be expensive, because you need to pay for the phone line as well
  • Via Mobile Phone/Dongle (e.g. 3G/4G)
    • Variable connection, and probably the most expensive
    • Probably had download limits
  • Via Satellite
    • Yes, the same satellite sending tv can also do internet!
    • Used to be really expensive and slow, but the cost is coming down and the speed is going up
  • Via WIMAX (from £100 installation, £30/month, can be switched off when away)
    • Competing with mobile 4G, various operators use their own broadcast transmitters, but with similar technology
    • Each operator will install a small receiving dish/aerial at your property
    • A cable is run from the aerial into your property. It’s advisable to get this terminated near to your TV.
    • The operator provides (or you can buy) a wireless router and access point. This allows a network cable to be plugged in and connected to your TV/Set-top Box, but also provides Wi-Fi into your home
    • The quality of the signal is improved with line of sight between transmitter and aerial (In fact it helps if they can see their transmitter, to get a bearing for lining up the aerial. This may mean you need a roof top install)
    • 2 to 5 days to book an installation. 1 hour to install.
    • Can get up to a 32Mb download speed if near to the transmitter

Wimax Operators around Mojacar

  • While there are ‘resellers’ of Wimax, they just pass on your request, taking a finders fee. Your dealings from then on, are with the Operator
  • Most of the Operators provide flexible ‘vacation’ packages where you can switch on/off your supply. When off, there is usually a small ‘maintenance’ fee (e.g. 5 euro per month).
  • Usually no download limit


Internet Quality 

  • Two simple measures
  • Upload/Download Speed
    • Generally you need 2Mb/s (Megabits per second) download speed to run IPTV
    • If you want to use several devices at the same time, then 4 or more Mb/s
  • Latency 
    • The time taken to send a signal to a website/server and get an answer back
    • Simplest way to test this is with a ‘ping’. Any laptop can issue a ping from the command prompt (e.g. ping or ping www.google.co.uk)
    • Some IOS/Android network diagnostic apps can send a ping
    • Anything under 100 milliseconds is ok. Under 50 ms is good.
  • The other key factor is consistency. If the connection regularly goes down, then it isn’t going to be very useful.