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  1. ONE WOULD not normally associate a name like 'Burger King' with a vegetarian and vegan restaurant, but one of the planet's best-known fast-food brands has launched just that: A branch with all its usual menu items as well as new ones, but with no meat, or even fish.
  2. A GROUP of Podenco hounds walled in for days by volcanic ash on the island of La Palma whose plight reached international media are safe, according to the latest happy twist in the rollercoaster drama – and photos have appeared on Twitter to prove it.
  3. DESPITE its variations on the much-lauded Mediterranean diet, its wealth of home-grown fruit and vegetables and ever-growing population of Michelin-starred restaurants, Spain is not all culinary virtue – in fact, one of the nation's most-famed snacks, churros, probably has near-zero or even minus nutritional value and makes up for this deficit in saturated fats and refined sugar. 
  4. 'ROCKETING' house sales in Spain have reached levels not seen in over a decade, according to recently-released statistics – and although the rental market is said to be particularly buoyant at the moment, buyers comfortably exceed would-be tenants.
  5. TO PREVENT contagion, authorities sent suspected cases to quarantine on one of the Balearic Islands, including any arrivals from countries with a high incidence of infection. Whilst there, they could visit the 'Tower of Whispers', the panoramic viewing point and the museum, then after they were restored to health or disease-free, they were allowed to continue on their journey.
  6. BARCELONA tennis prodigy Paula Badosa Gibert has become the first-ever Spanish woman to win at Indian Wells, known as the 'fifth Grand Slam', after dispatching rival Victoria Azarenka in three tough sets.
  7. COSTA del Sol 'glamour capital' Marbella is one of the nominees for next year's 'European Best Destination' – an award which is prestigious enough in itself but, in addition, includes multi-national advertising worth a small fortune.