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  1. KNOWN for its late surges but rarely near the top, often standing out in minority disciplines, Spain has generally been successful enough in Olympic Games to be proud of itself but in a discreet, behind-the-scenes fashion, and this year is no exception.
  2. STARTING a company may only need as little as €1 in capital once a planned new law comes into effect and which is seeking to encourage entrepreneurs and provide greater protection against insolvency through non-payment by corporate clients.
  3. TRIUMPH at last for Spain at Tokyo 2020 has come at the steady and unflinching hands of its mixed team trap shooting pair after they fought off their counterparts from San Marino.
  4. AN EPIC and completely unexpected result by a relative outsider has given Spain its second bronze medal – Pablo Carreño managed to beat ATP world number one Novak Djoković in three sets, sparking an episode of disappointed rage in the Serb who reportedly hurled down his racquet.
  5. OVER 95% of airline routes from the terminal in Valencia are now back on track and 65% of seats on planes have been filled so far this year, despite travel restrictions still being in place.
  6. EUROZONE interest rates are close to historic lows and expected to end July on -0.49% - and, as Spanish mortgages are linked to these rates, buying a property is likely to be cheaper in the next month without home prices having to come down.
  7. STARTING off relatively low down the ranking, Spain's Olympic medal count could be about to rise with promising performances from the women's and men's basketball teams, and super-swimmer Mireia Belmonte still in with one more chance.